Our Mission Statement

What I’ve  been running into for years is small property owners who don’t know their rights, don’t understand the housing programs that they deal with, don’t know what their landlord responsibilities are, and don’t know where to get help. These voids in knowledge seem to be most prevalent in the group of small property owners.This is mainly because no one is advocating for them and the information is scattered all over the place.

I thought It would be great to have a site that Westchester landlords could go to and get information that is area specific as well as general information needed to be successful in this business. Most of the time, people just don’t know where to find the information they need. So, I’ve tried to make this a one-stop shopping site for landlords.

And, I’m excited about it!

As with any business, knowledge is the key to success, but you also have to implement that knowledge. So don’t just read-you must Implement.

So, here are the goals of the business:

  • To provide landlords with knowledge of their rights and responsibilities.
  • To help landlords reduce the risks of lost income associated with the components of this business.
  • To provide a “one stop center” for knowledge, networking and the “tools of the trade”.


We may even become your alternative to retained legal counsel, saving you time, and most importantly, unnecessary expenses.

In this site you will find information on property management, leases, landlord/tenant rights, evictions, government programs and educational tools and resources. We will try to keep you abreast of laws that may affect you as a landlord. And I encourage you to contribute to the site and help each other as well.

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