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So, really, this is going to be about me, my experience, and the goal I have for this organization.  I have no partners, except for my grandaughter who helps with all the computer work.  This business has been in the making for a few years now. I do all the research, write most of my own articles, and make all the contacts. This site is where I am putting my years of experience to good use. 

My goal is to share my 25+ years of housing experience with property owners, especially the small property owners  of Westchester, offering guidance and assistance whenever possible. 

A snapshot of my resume goes like this:

I have been a Section 8 Inspector since 1992 and became HUD certified in 1999. Prior to that I worked as a Code Enforcement Officer for 3 years.  I have been a licensed Real Estate Agent since 1984. I have always held down more than one job at a time so some of my dates will overlap. I worked in housing at a not-for-profit agency where I was a supervisor for the Housing Inspection Program, the Director of the NYS Weatherization Program and later the Director of the Rental Assistance Program. In the latter position my job was to house the homeless population and link them to community resources.  Back in the late 80’s, I  worked as a residential real estate appraiser, and a loan closer for a mortgage company (until the stock market crashed). I also worked part-time as a loan originator for a mortgage broker. Bringing it forward, I worked in property management, managing commercial and residential properties. I currently own a Section 8 Housing Inspection company, am active in real estate sales,  and work everyday as a Housing Specialist in Section 8. Some of you reading this may even know me.

And- up until last year, I was a landlord (small property owner of a multi-family house).

That was long!  But I had to let you know that I still have my finger on the pulse!

In this site you will find information on property management, leases, landlord/tenant rights, evictions, government programs and educational tools. We will try to keep you abreast of laws that may affect you as a landlord. And I encourage you to contribute to the site and help each other as well. 

To read about the purpose and goals of the Landlord’s Association, please go to the Mission Statement.  I hope it inspires you to  ​​Join now and make this year your most successful ever!

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